What you don’t know

“True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know”   Confucius

Knowing ourselves and being aware of how much we don’t know is a large step in self-development, and the first step in understanding others. The beauty is, there is no right or wrong way to acquire this knowledge, but the more we know the better we can manage our lives.

Besides living, doing and reflecting on life, there are many methods and tests “out there” if someone wants to learn, the question is are we open enough and how far do we want to go?

Rylla ReslerLast year at a the May Women Entrepreneurs meeting, very fittingly named PLAYSHOP instead of a workshop, Rylla Resler coached us on our Personality styles and Behavior Characteristics.  Since then this model has become a useful tool for me for networking, negotiating and developing private relationships.

Have you ever thought
Why did this person do this or that to me?  
Why is this person behaving like that?  
Why did I do that now?”

Then quickly we give ourselves an answer, we make a judgment. We form an answer from our actual inner self, the knowledge we have about ourselves. We see the world not as it is, but as we are.

Rylla took us through a method developed by Martha Borst, described in her book titled Your Survival Strategies Are Killing You“.

Surviving or Thriving? Which one do you choose?

Personally it was good to get confirmation of what I knew already, but with this structure of 4 personality styles and besides strength analysis, we learned what happens if strength is overplayed, or what value each personality style can give to an organization, what each personality style needs to be given and needs to save – and so on – it was a comprehensive experience.

My group at that time had an interactive, lively discussion. Hope to continue with a potential session in the future.

Let’s play on!

Judit Cs. Karovits


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