Speaking in Public

On Wednesday March 9th we enjoyed a very interesting evening on speaking in public, led by Toastmaster members Janene Liston and Caroline de Stexhe. For me, and surely some other long term members of PWG, it was especially nice to welcome these ladies, as both have been members of PWG in the past!

DSC06061 DSC06089

Janene started with explaining us what the goals of the Toastmasters are and how their meetings are organized. Then Caroline gave us an example of a speech by which we were all very impressed! We were invited to share feedback on the speech and discussed the properties of a good speech based on the example we had just heard.

DSC06031 DSC06043

After this it was our turn! Volunteers were asked to come forward, were given a piece of paper with a simple subject to talk about, and then gave a speech of 1-2 minutes.

Our ladies did a good job!

I will not forget Catherine’s speech about her favorite pet, cats, ending with the punch line that although she loved cats, unfortunately she is allergic to them!

Aletta Karsies van Eeden




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