Women entrepreneurs co-create

In January we kicked off 2016 for the WE (Women Entrepreneurs) Group with a Co-Creating Workshop to align personal development goals with community interest and volunteer availability.

How can we develop ourselves by working within the PWG community and taking advantage of the pool of talent it provides?

We started with brainstorming and identifying our personal development goals for 2016.

What passions, ambitions, dreams, skills, or hobbies does each of us want to develop in 2016 to fuel our personal growth and the growth of our businesses? We made a list of areas to work on, and then paired up to find common interests. This process is about goal and task alignment by the individual and the team.

Several steps later we had discovered our common interests and found many ways for the WE community to develop these main areas of interest.

In any community there are always lots of good ideas old and new, but implementing these is dependent on the availability and time commitment of the volunteers.

Three main areas surfaced as most attractive to work on:

  • Marketing
  • Networking and
  • Communication

These are broad topics, but specific ideas and plans were made, including the idea to work in specialized small groups within the WE community.

The number of suggestions and uplifting atmosphere created by the participants were impressive.

Want to know more about volunteering with this amazing group of women?

Contact the Women Entrepreneurs responsible team at women-entrepreneurs@pwg-basel.ch.

Come and co-create!

Last but not least have a collaborative and successful New Year!

Judit Csapo Karovits


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