Kurt Schmid – The Art of Persuasion

More than 40 PWG participants welcomed Kurt Schmid on 24th of February – the first of our main meeting series in 2016.

It was a very active one with team exercises and discussions that reminded all of us about the principles of a convincing conversation.

Kurt was telling us a lot of examples of situation we could relate to in one way or the other which makes it much easier to think of how to use new elements in a conversation.

Here is one question from the Q&A session:

Q: Can you also apply the concepts to a job hunting situation, e.g. a job interview?

A: Yes, you can. Of course, you have to be very sensitive and careful with the word you use and take the local culture into account.

If you see your application as a campaign for the services you can deliver, there might be surprising outcomes. I can remember an interview which lead to professional opportunities that were much more interesting.

Kurt is normally only holding workshops for companies, but is now planning two workshops open to everyone, 1. July 2016 and 4. November 2016 in Zurich. There are more dates to come.

He is open for offering a workshop for us in Basel if we have a minimum of 10 participants. What do you think?

Interested in participating?

Invitation Workshop Persuasion

[Deutsch] Einladung Workshop Persuasion

Note: Contact us or Kurt directly – even if the date does not fit you – we may have the option to arrange for a special date.

More details www.persuasion.ch



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