WE sailed in 2014!

Collaborating, sharing, volunteering!

In the midst of the volunteering „to do-s” besides my regular daily juggle with work and private, time evaporated before I could write follow up articles during the year about the women entrepreneurs meetings. As the new year emerges, the WE sailing boat brakes a little to look back and then will catch wind again with old and new crew in 2015. It was great to see so many participating faces at the meetings all through the year.

The team  – Women Entrepreneurs Steering Team ( WEST ) –   which organises the activities in the women entrepreneurs group of PWG  went through a heavy reshaping in 2013. Nevertheless, 2014 turned out to be a very active year and the women entrepreneur  ( WE ) members had the chance to participate, contribute, share, learn and connect in different, new and deeper ways.


What does WEST do?

  • Create an open and positive environment where women entrepreneurs can build productive and supportive friendships and business relationships
  • Facilitate opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Promote the success of a dynamic community of active businesswomen



PWG workshop with Regina Schlage


How did we do this in 2014?

WE had  workshops running in the following topics starting and ending with an apero :

  1. Grow in a business team  – we formed business circles, that is mastermind teams to support, brainstorm, grow and inspire action ( kicked off by Teresa Christen – Solution Focused Coach  and led by Nathalie Merkelbach and Judit Csapó)
  2. Social media, where  Sara Maternini – social media manager showed us most of the relevant social media tools with excellent examples and  personal stories of her own blogging and SEO work.
  3. Let’s Talk about sales – where Kirstin Barton – workshop leader and coach – led the group many  steps towards embracing the sales process and  defining our ideal client.
  4. A fellow Travellers Guide to Entrepreneurship gave us new insights into business planning led by Trudy Haemmerli, CEO of PerioC Ltd.
  5. Conflict Management – We explored and learned ways how to turn conflict into constructive energy led by Isabelle Valibus, Consultant and Trainer in HR Management, PWG Chair
  6.  Purpose and vision for entrepreneurs – helped us to think  about the foundation of  ourselves and our businesses led by Regina Schlager,  Coach and Embodied Life Guide for women

Through the year the business circles – we formed after the January workshop – have met every 2 – 4 weeks which gave the individual businesses a boost in finding their idea, segment, next steps, earning new customers and business.

In April, May and June we had Entrepreneur Café Mornings in the Huegenin Café Basel.

PWG member entrepreneurs and  PWG Basel were present  at the EXPAT EXPO with a supportive game of creating promotional threads linking businesses to each other and the customers.


All this was acheived by the volunteers seeing an opportunity to develop a skill of their interest,  make friendships, be in a community, network with like minded, get inspired for action.

Thanks a lot to Teresa Christen, Violeta Karalic, and Eliza Siegmund for contributing to organising the events and meetings.

The WE group is looking for new WEST members to host workshops and  do some other fun small tasks !  Bring your ideas that we can benefit from and implement! Together we can get further!

WE event prep

Wishing everyone a balanced Festive Year End and a successful new year in 2015!


Judit Csapó Károvits

Core Committee member  – WE group leader

Contact : women-entrepreneurs@pwg-basel.ch


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