Using a Recruiter to find your Dream Job

Suggested by PWG member Prathima Kondadi — 

Finding your perfect job can be a very time consuming and frustrating activity, especially when you’re doing it alone. I have shared some of my tips for finding and securing your perfect job in previous blogs, from ensuring your knowledge of the company is good, to asking the right questions in an interview. I always encourage jobseekers to actively explore opportunities and be self-starters, but sometimes you need a helping hand, which is where recruitment agencies can come in.

By taking advice and guidance from someone with industry knowledge, you have a much better chance of covering all bases. Here are a few ways to make the most of your recruitment consultant;

Know what you want

You need to have a strong idea of your capabilities and what job you feel is the best fit. This isn’t just about the type of role you want – you should explain all the aspects that make up your working life. Do you prefer to work for a large corporate or a smaller enterprise? Do you want to work in a team or do you prefer something more individual? I would suggest creating a detailed description and taking it to your first meeting with a consultant, so after that meeting they can be specific and tailored with their search for you.

full article on LinkedIn by James Caan


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