How I Stopped Sucking at Networking

Suggested by PWG member Prathima Kondadi —

I was out for coffee with a former client the other night, and she was praising my networking prowess, saying that I was the best networker she knew… it was the third time this week that someone had said something like this to me, and each time I felt a little shocked. Me? A good networker? How did that happen?

I am the person whose hands sweat at the thought of being in a room full of people I don’t know, unless I get to be on stage, where I don the persona of a much more confident person. I am someone who can’t stand small talk. I am the person who quit my job to start my own business three years ago, and realized that I knew nobody except for people I had worked with because of my complete lack of networking prowess…

But she was right. Over the past three years, my network has grown exponentially. It is rare that an HR person in Toronto is mentioned whom I have not met, heard of through another person, or interacted with via technology. So how the heck did I get here?

Full article on Linkedin by Pam Ross


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