PWG Sponsors Global Campaign to End Fistula

 Basel’s social development organization, IAMANEH Schweiz  in collaboration with Women’s Hope International, a NGO located in Bern join forces to End Fistula! End the Shame! End the Isolation!

The Professional Women’s Group of Basel has been accepted into the sponsors group of organizations who support this campaign. Isabelle Valibus states having strong feelings of ‘indignation’ as she became informed of this medical and social situation. As our Chair, Isabelle believes that the PWG, located in Basel ‘the city of health’ is well positioned to add impact.       

The global campaign sanctioned by the UNO designates 23rd May as the International Day to End Obstetric Fistula Two million girls and young women worldwide suffer from this traumatic condition brought on through child-marriages and immature and unaided birthing. This short video (in storyboard fashion) gives a good explanation of the problem and the solution

Countries around the world are holding activities designed to raise awareness and generate political, technical and financial support. A decade of work shows that with prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, this global health crisis can truly end once and for all. Every small action taken by our international community makes a strong statement for the upholding of basic human rights and to help end the desperate plight of these females.  Think global, act local — here, in Basel, your participation is needed for our local action:

Flashmob to End Fistula! Thursday 22nd May

Visit the FaceBook event page to know how you can support this action, and for registration details:

All are welcome. Please share this information and join in as you are able.


By Lorraine Rytz-Thériault,

Community Organizer



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