New Member Spotlight

We have a new member! And not just that: we are pleased and grateful that Charitini-Areti Gkini has volunteered to be our new Secretary/Coordinator for PWG.

Charitini-Aretki Gkini

Charitini-Areti Gkini, PWG Secretary

Meet Charitini:

Charitini is orginally from Athens and highly commends the city. She describes it as a lively place of good food and wine and good weather, but where you can still find quiet places that will allow you to relax and be calm such as on walks along the acropolis.

Charitini arrived in Basel at the beginning of this year, but has lived in Switzerland for some years now. She holds Bachelor’s Degreein Psychology, and a Master Degree in Counseling and International Relations.

She enjoys Switzerland for the friendly and efficient people, and because she is never made to feel like a foreigner here.

In her spare time, Charitini is happy to volunteer because she believes in the mutual benefits to the community and ourselves. Volunteering can help make new friends, expand your network and boost your social skills. She is also keen to explore Basel and learn German.

At PWG she will hold the position of the secretary and coordinator and she is looking forward to replying to all your questions and queries.


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