March Main meeting about Start ups in Basel

In September 2013, a record of 40,000 new firm registrations were prognosed in Switzerland.

Basel is a city with great business potential, which has been confirmed recently in a study conducted by Financial Times among European cities. In the “small city” category Basel ranked second in terms of economic potential and took fifth place in terms of infrastructure.

At our March main meeting joined with the women entrepreneurs group, Iris Welten, CEO of Basel Area will be our guest speaker.

Basel Area is a business development  organisation in Basel that helps start-ups and entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

Mrs. Welten will speak about the economic and entrepreneurial environment of our region, and how Basel Area helps new businesses get off the ground.

If you are planning to start your business or  are interested in the regional economic situation, don’t miss the event.

PWG members may bring their visuals – flyers, brochures, business cards – to the entrepreneurial corner table we are preparing at the meeting.

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