Informational Interview Etiquette

Article written by Pamela Cook, ACFRE, and Andrew Kaufteil, J.D.
Submitted by PWG member Prathima Kondadi

During your working life, it is important to plan and carefully evaluate how your next position fits into your long-term career goals. Informational interviews can help focus your career path, identify experiences you should obtain, help chart your next steps, build valuable relationships and, if used effectively, be one of your best career-planning tools.

What Is an Informational Interview?
An informational interview is a conversation with an individual who holds a position or works in an organization or sector of interest to you. It is not an interview for a specific job but rather an opportunity to do some intelligence gathering. Your conversation can help you better understand where your own interests and background match up with a type of position or sector. You also will be able to make a personal connection with an individual already working in this field.

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