PWG February Meeting Review

Speaker Daniel Jordi

Author / Coack Daniel Jordi presents at PWG February meeting
Photo: Kathrin Luty

by PWG member Lorraine Rytz-Thériault, Community Organizer

How to Build a Network of Likeminded People 

Guest presenter, Daniel Jordi offers coaching, mentoring and advice for job search and career development within Switzerland. Daniel’s company, is becoming known for assisting its cliental of International professionals in creating fulfilling careers that they can be passionate about. His philosophy and method are laid on a cornerstone of building meaningful relationships – with people who share our values and who inspire us.


‘Meaningful relationships’ was also the key message shared in Daniel’s presentation at the PWG February meeting on building effective networks. The 50 + members in attendance were lead through an exploration of our understanding and approach to networking. Daniel’s helpful tried and proven suggestions followed.


At networking events, commonly felt difficulties in conversing with strangers has to do with not having common ground on which to build from. A strategy to overcome this would be to attend events which are based on your interests and passions. It is so much more enjoyable talking to people who share your interests (the relationship part), and then ease into inquiring about each others professions or businesses (the networking part).



Photo Credit: Kathrin Luty

A series of short exercises enabled us to evaluate which qualities and characteristics we would look for when seeking people we’d like to be with. Finding others who share our values are usually energizing to be with, and inspirational as well. These are the type of people we want to fill our networks with. Mutual trust, between ‘value players’ becomes the foundation from which to discuss how you might help one another achieve your goals.


The ultimate secret to success in the business of building relationships, according to Daniel, is providing generous value while keeping in touch. He advises setting up a system to facilitate regular contact and sharing what and who you know. Introducing people to each other based on their shared interests and passions can be the most effective strategy for building lasting relationships with people you actually want to have in your life.


Daniel Jordi is a generous value player. He shares freely online at Visit the website, read the Blogs, download the e-books. It will be a good investment of your time!


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