Volunteer Scrabble game at the 2014 AGM

Thank you very much to all of you who attended our AGM on Friday, 24 January at Qu.Ba.  Also, a special thanks for taking part in the game, Volunteer Scrabble which encouraged good discussions about volunteering . The results are listed below.

For those of you who missed the event, when each attendee arrived,, she was allocated a letter.from the word VOLUNTEER. As an ice-breaker, the ladies were divided into groups representing the same letter and had 5 minutes to brainstorm words starting with their letter, relating to volunteering. Then one representative from each group presented the favourite word from each group with an explanation of why it was their favourite.

The result was very creative and entertaining! Some could not resist sharing more than one word but still chose a favourite.


Opportunities (Our Organisation Offers Open OPPORTUNITIES)


Upee! (The Union of a Unit in a Useful Universe, keeps U Up as Unique sUper volUnteer. UPEE!)

Now! (Nominate, new, next, NOW)

Talent (Taking care as a Team to Transform TALENT)


Enthusiasm (Efficient, ENTHUSIASM)

Real (Respect, REAL)

Why was the word, Volunteer chosen? PWG is 24 years old and the reason that the PWG has successfully developed over this period, is because of the active members who have joined, shared & connected. But, most of all it would not have even existed without the passionate volunteers who have dedicated time to creating regular and interesting platforms for the members to connect..

Volunteering involves giving (time, talent, enthusiasm) and taking (growing, taking advantages of opportunities, liason with others), it’s a win-win for the volunteer as well as for PWG.

We look forward to welcoming you at our next event…and also to working with those who have volunteered for the next project or event.


Photos provided by Brigitta Haenggi.



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