Spouse Power-Back to work Conference

Today we had the opportunity to experience a whole day talk about ourselves, we spouses, highly qualified women living in Basel.

The integration department of Basel organised a one day conference with the title: Spouse Power – Back to work. The overall organisation was a great success thanks to the skills of Petra Huber. The speakers as well as the venue was well chosen for such event, and I am sure that all the participants left with a bunch of new information or at least met interesting people. I surely speak of myself, tips on how to approach the swiss job market, what is important on your CV and how to go more local, was the least I gathered but best of all was to hear the testimonials of people like us that have adapted to the basel way of life in a very positive way. Our Chair, Isabelle Valibus, gave a very inspiring and profound speech about how we, good qualified, professional women do struggle  in finding a job in Basel. I felt proud to be already part of PWG and was also happy to share this with whoever approached me. I met also knew ladies which I hope will become members as well and I look forward to other events such as this where we can represent and show what PWG-Basel stands for.


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