PWG Welcomes New Members

PWG welcomes two new members this week. Erminia Leali and Meredith Augustine.

Erminia Leali

Erminia Leali

Erminia recently moved to Basel from Milan. Her most recent position was working as a brand manager for a watch company. Erminia is looking for her next  career opportunity in marketing, ideally in a multinational company.

Erminia is very active in sports (especially volleyball) and enjoys meeting and getting to know new people. She is a native Italian speaker but also knows English, German, Spanish and French. She has already expressed interest in becoming a very active member of PWG and looks forward to the inspiring camaraderie that PWG offers.

Keep an eye out for Erminia at the next PWG event and be sure to say hello.



Meredith Augustine

Meredith Augustine

Meredith Augustine Is a new member who has come to the Basel when her husband accepted a new position working for Viking River Cruises. They arrived in Basel from San Francisco, California, in April.

When in California, Meredith worked as an in-house graphic designer and member of the creative team for Virgin Americas. She’s looking to become active in the Basel workforce at the start of the New Year.

Meredith’s leads an active lifestyle and enjoys running, cycling, skiing. She loves art, enjoys all the museums Basel has to offer and hopes to take up some informal art classes. In addition to sports and art Meredith also loves food and cooking and has been enjoying the regional cuisine.

Meredith will be attending the CV workshop and the November monthly meeting. Please look for her, introduce yourself and welcome her.

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  1. Lara MacKenzie 7 years ago

    Weloome to the PWG, Erminia & Meredith 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know you better and good luck with the job hunt!

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