June Special Meeting…because what matters is…

Shape not size! 
This is one of the big learnings Sophie and Rachel from Style Mixers shared with us last night, Wednesday June 12th.

We all had to choose our body shape, whether a pear, rectangle, inverted triangle or a sand clock we had to look intensely at ourselves. Did I know my shape? Maybe, but yesterday evening it was clear to me what I should look after, when choosing clothes.

More amazing was to look at the transformation of the two models we had. The ‘Wow’ effect was immediate in the room as the ladies came back after changing their clothes. Surprising how, a minimal change makes a big difference if you consider your body shape. We were also shown the basic clothing for each shape, and other useful tips for shoes or accessories that can help bring the eye to that part of the body you like best.

And the evening did not stop there, we were able to taste very fine and unknown wine brought by Hundert Weinhaus.  Whether White, Rosé, Red or dessert wine there was some for each taste. I wonder if our choice, has also a connection with our body shapes? Luckily after all this hard work, we were spoiled with a fine Apero, lovely prepared and arranged by the present Committee Members.

I believe, this was a very nice way to close the first part of the year, just look at the pictures in our gallery and see for yourself.


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