PWG newsletter – making way for a new era

By Lara MacKenzie, Responsible for PR and Communication

The PWG newsletter is 23 years old and has always been a faithful companion to a large number of members and the witness of a community that was created by women for women in Basel.

 Over the past couple of years, Beata Augustyniak dedicated much time, patience and talent to designing & setting the newsletter. We thank you very much, Beata. Also thank you to Catherine Matter (current) & Susanne Hiller (past) for reviewing & collating the newsletter contributions. Kirstin Barton also deserves a big thank you for assisting with the Jan-Feb issue this year. Without these dedicated individuals, the newsletter would not have become a reality.

 Most importantly, we have had very diverse and interesting news due to your valuable contributions, so thank you to each and every one of you who provided material for the newsletters.

 Creating a newsletter in a volunteer organization is a challenging and time-consuming job. When it is published, the news is always interesting but may no longer be ‘new’. Nowadays, many of us have limited time to keep up-to-date, so we want the information quickly and read just enough to get the gist of what we want to know and move onto the next article.

So, the Committee took the decision to move into the modern era. The May-June 2013 issue of the PWG newsletter will be the last one in the format you know today.

From July 2013 onwards we will be posting the news directly onto the PWG website ( so that you receive it as and when it happens. You do not need to wait until the newsletter is published to get the latest updates.

You are all invited to contribute to a richer, useful and more dynamic website. We welcome information and contributions (articles, interesting events, books, websites, ideas, etc.) from our members as this is your website where you have a voice. The PWG is all about ‘sharing and connecting’, so please e-mail your articles to Catherine Matter who will review and post your contributions on the website as she receives them. Her e-mail address is

So, from July 2013, please refer to the following sections of the website to keep ‘up-to-date’

  • Homepage
  • News (under ‘About PWG’ tab)
  • Events (under ‘Meetings & Events’ tab)
  • Share & connect (under ‘Member lounge’ tab)
  • Group specific announcements (under ‘Group’ tab – Women Entrepreneurs, Focus on careers, Expat expo)

Happy reading and writing!


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