Women Entrepreneurs Group – What is your brand?


We are delighted to welcome Anette Prehn as our guest facilitator at April’s Women Entrepreneurs Group meeting.  This will be held on Monday, 29 April at Centrepoint, starting at 19.00.

Anette will lead a workshop focusing on What is Your Brand? 

So come along and explore how you are perceived by others, and why does it matter? Plus, what do you need to know about your brand as a female entrepreneur – and how can you work on refining it?
Anette, a Basel-based Sociologist (MA), leadership trainer, published author, and female entrepreneur, who has built up her own business over the past 10 years, shares with us key reflections about the development of her own brand and invites you to sharpen your awareness of your brand personality through engaging and interactive exercises.
Please register on line, or write an email to women-entrepreneurs@pwg-basel.ch if you are interested in attending.  Guests are welcome – there will just be a small fee of CHF 15.
For more information about Anette visit her website: www.anetteprehn.com



  1. Judit Csapo 7 years ago

    A good topic too, surely going.

  2. Maryla Bachmann 7 years ago

    Sounds like a good agenda, how do I sign up/register?

  3. Kirstin Barton 7 years ago

    Sounds like a super session – Anette is a great speaker. I look forward to it!

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