PWG volunteers to Share and connect at Expat Expo 2013

Would you like to “Share & Connect’ at the Expat Expo and promote the PWG?

By Lara MacKenzie


Hello. Are you free for an hour or two on 2 June? Would like to promote PWG at the Expat Expo in Basel? If so, please add your name to this Doodle.

We will be there from 10:00 till 18:00 and will welcome you even if you only want to help for 1 hour.

We will have a teleconference beforehand to inform everyone what to do and say but the most important thing is that you are comfortable chatting to ladies about the PWG and your experiences within the group (sharing & connecting).

Our aim is to register at least 20 new ladies, ideally on the day, via the web at the table and to also make contact with at least 3 vendors who the PWG can work closely with in the future.

If you would like to read about the successful event we had last year, then refer to page 4 of our July-Aug 2012 newsletter which can be found on our website.



Denise & Beatrice chatting to a potential new member

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  1. shalinitrefzer 8 years ago

    I would like to volunteer to spend some time at the PWG table at the Expat Expo on June 2- I will also host a table for DanzBollywood- if I know which table PWG is getting, maybe I can apply to get a table close by.

    Thank you,

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