Announcement of the Prize Draw Winners

We are happy that already 85 ladies have registered on our new site, thank you and welcome!

We have drawn the lucky winners of our Prize Draw:

  • A two session Coaching Voucher worth over CHF200 donated by Kirstin Barton,, goes to Jeannette Orsted.
  • Bottle of champagne donated by Susanna Berger,, goes to Victoria Maier.
  • Gift Voucher for a 1 hour Elemental Nature Facial or Massage donated by Teresa Da Graça,, goes to Karin Schweizer.
  • Basket with homemade preserves (jams, chutney, dried apple) donated by Aletta Karsies van Eeden ,, goes to Carmen Pipola.
  • CHF 50 donated by Annamarie Ryter,, goes to Kristen Watson.
  • Pro Innerstadt Gutschein worth CHF 50 donated by Mai Waldmeier,, goes to Susanne Hiller
  • Free 2012 Goal Setting Coaching Session Voucher donated by with Vanessa Gatelein,, goes to Jessie Gavarret

The prizes will be handed over during our next event, the AGM / Cheese and Wine party on Tuesday January 31st!

PS. we drew the winners by making a spreadsheet with all the ladies that are registered with profile, and
filled a column behind the names with random numbers (using the rand() function). Then we sorted the list on that row of numbers, and the top one won the first listed prize, the 2nd the next one etc.

  1. nathaliem 9 years ago

    Cool! How wonderful to interact with this new homepage. It feels to be connect at anytime. I love it. Thanks to all PWG committee members how run actually the group so well.

    • Diana Lagalante 9 years ago

      glad to hear the pwg members love it;-)

  2. Beata Augustyniak 9 years ago

    Congratulations to all the winners! I think these prizes are wonderful. They show a great range of what fantastic people joined PWG. 🙂

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