An Evening with Emily Yaffee

Professional Women's Group in Basel invites Emily Yaffe of the International Community Music School BaselWhat an amazing evening with Emily Yaffee, director and founder of the International Community Music School Basel (ICMS). 

Emily, an American from Virginia, found herself in Basel with a vision to create a space that would go beyond teaching music. With a strong desire to provide high quality music education as the foundation of her music school, she envisioned a school that would also teach music in a non-competitive way, provide teaching opportunities and teacher training, and help families of various cultural backgrounds connect.
The Suzuki method, developed by Sinichi Suzuki, plays an important role in how music is taught at the ICMS. It is a philosophy that teaches through listening and hearing rather than musical notes, much as you would learn a language.
Anouk of the International Community Music School performs for the Professional Women's Group of BaselWe were treated to two performances by Anouk on the violin accompanied by Anita Mieze on the piano, and Micol’s solo piano piece ‘Pour Elise’, which we greatly enjoyed. 
Emily’s story of following a vision left us feeling inspired, and we were equally  impressed with how Emily courageously tackles the bureaucratic administration of employing teachers of various nationalities. 
Thank you Emily for your warm welcome and sharing many insights of what it means to be an entrepreneur. And congratulations to the success of ICMS!
 Author: Juliette Fong

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