What Secrets is Your Body Language Telling Others About You?

WEFeb201711“Hello. Here I am.” Deirdre starts the Women Entrepreneurs February Meeting by greeting attendees individually with these four words, but with a twist: for each attendee, she brings a different emotion to the phrase, managing to express fear, confusion, confidence, anger, and even sensuality to a seemingly neutral sentence. In the moment, the point is clear: it’s not what we say, it’s HOW we say it

At this interactive workshop, Deirdre guides us on practicing real listening (as opposed to the kind of listening you practice when you just want to talk), demonstrating with role-playing the effects our body language has on others, and the importance of using the feedback rules. Not easy, I can tell you! Time and again I feel a little uncomfortable, trying to be aware of how I sit, what I say and how I say it. This is harder than I expected and great fun at the same time!

But we learn from the best. Deirdre, a professionally trained actress, is a keen observer of body language. Nothing gets past her and it’s clear to see the value her role-play trainings have on clients struggling with communication issues. And did you know that just listening to another person without interrupting, even for 5 minutes, can be difficult? The reward is as great as the challenge, we learn: by listening deeply, we create a sense of trust, connection and genuine interest in the woman sitting next to us.

PWG thanks Deirdre for her time and we look forward to future collaborations together!

For the third time in her life, Deirdre Hertog lives with her husband and son in Basel. She is a professionally trained actress and a certified role-play actress. This makes her particularly versatile and able to coach and train her clients by addressing their specific learning needs in a different way. 

Author: Chantal Vroom




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