The colour of your voice

2016-09-26-we-dana-stratil-dsc02383Last Monday the Women Entrepreneurs group invited Dana Stratil to talk about the colors of our voice.

Here is what Liz shared with us: 

When I heard Dana’s voice for the first time, the color green came to mind – because I was green with envy! Her voice is assertive but calm, strong but not loud, confident and measured.

In my opinion, Dana’s voice sounded like several shades of blue: it had the self-assuredness of navy blue that could go up to an electric blue to catch your attention, or could dip down into a calming periwinkle blue. When you hear her speak, you know she knows what she’s talking about but she makes you feel welcome at the same time.

Single-colored voices lack personality at the best of times, and either panic-inducing (like a flat red or orange “Watch out!” voice) or sleep-inducing (like a gray or taupe voice that lacks energy and/or intonation) at the worst of times. Voices are naturally multi-layered (or multi-colored), so making sure your voice has more than one color is a step in the right direction.

Thanks Dana for bringing us this really exceptional evening!

2016-09-26-we-dana-stratil-dsc02381 2016-09-26-we-dana-stratil-dsc02371




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